What is the Professional Yachting Association?

Posted Nov. 12, 2016, 1:27 p.m.

What is the Professional Yachting Association?  (This complete editorial can be found at: Edition 31)


The PYA exists to represent and support professional yacht crew and has members from nearly 50 countries around the world. It is a not for profit association that looks after the interests of crew, and offers accurate, unbiased advice and support on certification, training, welfare, and regulation. 


The PYA is the ONLY organisation committed to helping professional yacht crew in this way.


What is the PYA doing for crew?



When trying to obtain a certificate of competency, the biggest problem yacht crew have is to accurately prove their time spent at sea. The PYA is authorised by the MCA to verify sea service, which is essential to progress your yachting career. This means there is no need to submit testimonials to the MCA, making applications or revalidations far quicker.


We meticulously verify each sea service entry and add it to your official MCA-approved PYA Service Record Book. As well as proving your sea service, the SRB can be used in the same way as a Seaman’s Discharge Book to obtain extra baggage allowances from airlines, and for presentation at job interviews.


The PYA is authorised to issue Yacht Rating Certificates on behalf of the MCA and publishes an MCA-approved Training Record Book and Crew Work Book.



The PYA is managed by a board of 30 council members whose many years of combined experience in the yachting industry represent an invaluable resource for crew. The PYA's knowledge of training and certification requirements for deck, engineering and interior positions is up to date, comprehensive and completely impartial.


Working with Maritime Administrations at all levels, the PYA is always first to hear the information that matters, and we accurately relay everything our members need to know.


We can assist in queries regarding flag state, port state controls, regulation and much more.



The PYA has helped many members with issues such as non-payment of wages, unfair dismissal, lack of contracts etc. The power that the voice of the PYA has means that we are far better positioned to assist crew when things go wrong than if they tried to represent themselves.


The PYA consults with policy makers who write legislation affecting the construction, operation and manning of large yachts. Over the years, PYA has participated in numerous workgroups and steering committees to ensure the point of view of those actually working on board is known and understood.


The working environment of Seafaring is becoming more and more regulated. Therefore the work we do to champion crew's interests and the PYA's services have never been more important.



The PYA encourages and mentors new entrants into professional yachting, as well as offering career advice to seasoned crew. PYA staff and council can assist crew at all stages of their careers, including updates on qualifications, career mapping, CV advice, help with applications for NoE’s, Training Record Books and all aspects of Sea Service and Yacht Service recording.

Attending and hosting regular seminars and workshops on various subjects worldwide, the PYA invites renowned industry professionals with topical and relevant information to inform crew of changes in policy and regulations that affect them.



The PYA takes the role of yacht crew representative very seriously when it comes to quality training and professional development. The PYA is also an accreditation administration, and has accredited many courses including IT, Leadership and Management, Chef, Interior, Security and the Superyacht Operations distance learning courses.


The PYA encourages continuous professional education through workgroups, seminars and also by being part of the Yacht Qualifications Panel at MCA for the Deck and Engineering departments.


We work with the Royal Yachting Association on various educational projects, including the onboard Personal Watercraft Safety course for Owners and Guests, and more recently, following demand for better training at this level, on the RYA/PYA Yacht Tender Certificate for entry-level crew.


The biggest professional development provision the PYA has launched is the industry standard of training and certification for interior crew, 'Guidelines for Unified Excellence in Service Training' (GUEST©). It is the first time that the yachting sector has developed its own training standards and filled the recognised gaps in training needs with a progressional career path for an onboard department. With the support of industry professionals such as Crew Agents and MYBA Charter Brokers, and with 22 busy Training Schools worldwide offering all levels of the GUEST© program, it has fast become an industry standard.


Join the PYA

In order to continue the important work we do on behalf of yacht crew, we rely on the support of crew becoming members. We can only make changes and improvements if the PYA and the crew all work together.

The bigger the PYA, the bigger the voice we all have in our industry. Be part of it!


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*   Cadet membership is only available for people with less than two years' sea going experience


**Crew Work Book is accepted by the MCA as a recognised logbook for Yacht Rating Certificates only